100% divoce rostoucí sibiřská čaga

Bearmedicine Rodinný balíček Snow Wolf 3 x Mumijo pure

60% Chromogenní komplex*
(3 sklenice s celkem 270 porcemi / 135 dní)
Konečné super výtažky

  • Description: BEARMEDICINE MUMIJO (Shilajit) TRIPLE-GOLD-QUALITY is an original raisin of fossilised honey and honey combs found very rarely in caves of the Altai mountains in the south of Siberia. It has been administered for milleniums in the folk medicine of the north for it’s significant benefit of enhancing human life. Modern science has proven it’s vast therapeutic relevance in numerous studies over the last decades. I can guarantee that this Mumijo is the most effective and highest quality available on the planet.
  • Servings: 3 jars w/ total of 270 servings. for 120 days (1 serving = 1 heaped Bearmedicine-spoon. (300mg))
  • Ingredients: 100% pure Siberian Altai Mountain Mumijo honey/comb raisin, encoded and energised with breakthrough Quantum Technology energies. Jar contains 1 programmed Rock or Amethyst Crystal.
  • Intake: 1 serving 2 x p. day sublingually or mix in water, smoothies or shakes.
  • Vegan, Gluten free, Keto friendly, and contains no caffein.
  • Disclaimer:  The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.
    Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet.
    Keep out of reach of small children.
  • Net. wt: 3 x 27g


For more details and information please check out the FAQs, Chaga – Info and Mumijo – Info directly on Bearmedicine’s vast website.


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