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From the Siberian Taiga & Mountains

Undoubtedly the most effective and highest available quality of Chaga and Mumijo Extract product on the Planet!

CHAGA SHOP strives to make available and distribute worldwide the unique Chaga products of BEARMEDICINE, and help all people enhancing their life by getting access to this exclusive quality of “The King of all Herbs” (Chaga) and “The Gift of the Gods” (Mumijo / Shilajit), as the ancient peoples called it right.

BEARMEDICINE of Siberia Chaga and Chaga + Mumijo (Shilajit) Multi-Super Extract in it’s outstanding standard is the only produce on the Planet containing 60% Chromogenic Complex* (Chromogenes), and an entirely intact Mushroom DNA. To enhance this ancient natural remedy with the latest breakthrough in Quantum science, it is encoded and energized by Divine-Tools.

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About Us



Was the beautiful unfolding in alignment with Bear’s life path and as part of his purpose in this Now of all Nows.

Being a child at the age of four he started consciously dreaming, visioning, channeling and for the following almost 15 years he was instructed and taught by his astral Guides.
Lots of wisdom was unveiled in him in these times, especially of the Creation of Life on Earth and the power of kosmic alliances and it’s benefit and impact for humanity.

For the last 20 years he is travelling the entire Planet with the main focus of connecting First-Nation Wisdom Keepers, Medicine Man and Woman, Healers and knowledgeable people and bring their hidden information forth.

Thus many summers he has been staying, sharing and learning with the Blackfeet Indians in Montana/USA. Has been in many ceremonies and rituals with the Mamo High-Priests of the Arhuaco/Kogi tribe of the Sierra Nevada de Sta. Marta in Columbia. He is very closely cooperating on a daily base with Mongolian and Siberian Shamans, Toltec and Native American medicine man and Priests of the Mayas in the sacred places of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Calling of the Entity


In this time I received an information very firmly, that far in the north there is this healing mushroom growing on the birch tree and that it is Bear to bring this therapeutically highly relevant mushroom and it’s healing frequency in it’s purest and highest form to the people in the world.

The Unfolding


Collecting all this information, Bear tuned into the field a lot in the following years: energetically, methaphysically, scientifically and physically in the vast wilderness of the Siberian Taiga.

The result after many years of alignment and study in all areas, is the Multi-Super Extract of Chaga and Chaga + Mumijo, containing a programmed Crystal and encoded and energised with the latest in breakthrough Quantum physics by Divine-Tools, a truly unique product on the Planet!


Several times a year Bear travels to Siberia to supervise the harvest, control the quality and processes in our laboratory.

If you have any questions or wish to obtain a query, do not hesitate to contact Bear personally at any time.

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